Native Pack (Speaking & Writing)

Native Pack (Speaking & Writing)

Native Pack (Speaking & Writing)

English Learning ( 20 Lessons).

Speaking and Writing course (10 writing and 10 speaking)

With this course, you will gain confidence in your speaking abilities and your English will be challenged on many subjects. We will guide you through the process and provide tailored feedback to help you improve each time. Are you ready to improve and increase your confidence?

  • The speaking course is designed to help students practice speaking naturally on many subjects with a time limit. This creates an environment where you have to develop the skills to speak as fluently and naturally as possible. This can help prepare students for speaking tests such as Eiken/TOEIC or Job interviews and natural conversation situations. You will be given detailed feedback on;
  • Vocabulary,
  • Grammar,
  • Pronunciation, 
  • Rhythm.


  • The writing course is designed to help students improve their writing vocabulary, grammar and speed. This will help you prepare for exams such as Eiken/TOEIC/ and for job applications. Having well written English can give you an advantage working for multinational corporations. You will be given detailed feedback on;
  • Vocabulary,
  • Grammar,
  • Writing structure.


Please remember knowledge on the selected subject is not important! Real or imaginary information is okay to record. The important idea is you are practising English.



  1. Writing Course (Native Pack)


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  • Yuka

    This course is great ! The teachers feedback is very polite and a lot !! Thank you very much !

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